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Garden Theatre's Production of

A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas

Director: Jeremy Seghers

Sound Designer/Composer: Anthony Narciso

Scenic Designer: Kyle Ransbottom

Lighting Designer: Mike Wood

Costume Designer: AJ Garcia

PG 09 Opening

Dickens's classic is reimagined into a spooky tale in A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas. While it follows the familiar story line, we are introduced to the ghosts during a nightmare prologue that sets the pace for Scrooge's Christmas Eve. This ugly day begins with spirits invading the mind of this lost man causing much unrest until he is awoken by the 7AM bells.

PG 21.1 Marley Emerges

Jacob Marley emerges from the depths of hell and appears in Scrooge's fireplace. This tortured soul comes to warn Scrooge of his terrible fate before it is too late. Marley's theme erupts with his entrance and transitions to a haunting sound as he converses with his former partner.

PG 25 Elegiac Music- The Ghost of Christ

The Ghost of Christmas Past enters in a magic flurry. She's come to show Scrooge a simpler time in his life. Before money and before hatred, Scrooge had Fezziwigs and a special girl named Belle.

PG 33.5 The Ghost of Christmas Present.m

The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge the ramifications of his current greed. His family and those closest to him have their troubles, but somehow still find it in their hearts to appreciate the stubborn soul. "Present's" theme echos the regality of her powerful presence and odd sense of humor.

PG 50 No! Spirit - Scrooge's Repent

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come arrives to show Scrooge a not so distant future. After seeing the fate of Tiny Time and his own demise, he pleads with the spirit for a second chance at life. We once again hear the waltz from Scrooge's dance with Belle, this time re-orchestrated to echo his lament.

A Christmas Carol at Garden Theatre

Photos by Steven Miller Photography

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