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Fiddler on the Roof

City Springs Theatre Company

October 2023

Creative Team

Director: Shuler Hensley

Music Director: Miles Plant


Scenic Design: Jacob Olsen

Costume Design:

Lighting Design: Mike Wood

Sound Design: Anthony Narciso

PSM: Shay Holihan

Sound Department

Assistant Sound Designer: Annabell Mallard

Production Sound: Anthony Marshall

A1: Anthony Marshall/Clay Garland

A2: Kelly Taylor

A3: Amanda Joyce

Design Highlights

To bring a sense of intimacy to Fiddler on the Roof we employed the use of live spatial audio tracking on the performers. Each actor was fitted with a tracking tag that identified their exact location on stage. This allowed us to align their voice within the sound system to their physical location which increased intelligibility and pulled audience members further into the story.

We also tracked the sound of the violin player in the orchestra pit to the fiddler player on stage to create the illusion that the prop fiddle was actually making sound.

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